ULTRAGRAPHICS is a full-service design & production firm based in Hong Kong established in 1995, we offer creative ideas and concept consultancy, covering a comprehensive range of services including Creative Design, Packaging Design, Printing and Production, Multi-media production such as Website Development, Panorama & Virtural Tour, e-book and e-cards. A vivid visual image says more than a thousand words. To help impressing your target audience, we seek high quality and effective applications, creative solutions, tailor-made designs to illustrate innovative concepts. We are renowned for professional service, effective communication and excellent quality.

Corporate Identity and Company Logo

A professional and consistent set of corporate identity campaign is an asset of the company and helps to add values to its corporate brand and products. Ultragraphics helps to develop a full set of corporate identity items - company logo, corporate typeface, colour, and provides usage guidelines.

Company Brochure

Company brochure is among the first few things you use to impress your audience. We have strong experience in serving different listed companies and big corporations. We will understand your company culture and business nature in order to come up with the best tailor-made design for your company. Other examples include Annual Report, Company Profile, Handbook, Folder, Sales Brochure, Anniversary Books etc.

eBook & Disc Replication

In response to the new digital era, Ultragraphics has also enhanced its capabilities to produce eBooks with CD-Rom/DVD for companies to expand to a new segment of clientele. Existing clients include renowned publishers.

Website Development, eDM & e-Cards

Going digitalised is definitely the way for marketing. Ultragraphics helps clients to design company website, and produce company eDMs to push forward the company’s special products/services on offer. In particular, we offer the special e-Cards package (e-cards.hk) at very affordable price to send festive blessings to your beloved customers.


Poster and light-box are good tools to attract audience’ eyeballs. We create the best option to convey clients’ key marketing messages while keeping the aesthetic standard. The poster design is applicable on light box advertising, banner, backdrop, and paper.

Leaflets & Pamphlets

To help promote your products in exhibitions, roadshows and special occasions, why don’t you consider printing a special product leaflet. You will be amazed at our service with the fast turnaround time and the low cost.

Product Catalogues

We offer creative ideas, innovative format, attractive cover, meticulous photo-touching and quality printing for product catalogues which particularly suit companies with a variety of products or services.

Print Production

We produce design items with superb concept and good quality, spanning from calendar, folder, packaging, board sets, DVD, invitation card, Display POP, to backdrop production and more. To meet different needs, we provide a wide variety of distinctive printing and finishing options.

Products and Venue Photography

We offer a one-stop service for our clients, including photography on top of design and printing. We have a wealth of experience doing product photography for clients.

360-degree Panorama Photo and Virtual Tour Production

We provide this cutting-edge photography service with impact beyond your imagination. Your audience will be indulged in the virtual environment and have a refreshing 360-degree close-to-real experience. Cases appropriate: company showrooms, apartments, offices, hotels, schools, museums, art galleries, exhibitions, theme parks, clinics and hotels, beauty salons etc.