Panorama Photo
360 x 180 degree
HD 360 x 180 degree

We capture high definition panoramic photography in single 360 panorama or in full 360 x 180 degree 3D perspective. The fully spherical panoramic image making the whole area visible captures every part of a scene and allows the user to view from floor to ceiling, earth to sky. We can also add features such as hotspots, flash videos and more. Your customers can explore and feel the close-to-reality scene.
Explore Virtual Tour Explore Virtual Tour
Our virtual tours allow a users to decide his own direction across the locations. Simply click a mouse to pan up, down and all around and navigate to another hot-spot arrow to move onto the next view. Walk-through hot spots can be added to a scene to create the effect of ‘virtually’ walking.
Floor Plan Floor Plan
If you are property / club / hotel owners and agents. You can show every floor, room, restaurant with the location hot spots feature added to the virtual tour.
Floor Plan Mark point on Google/Bing Map
If your location include GPS data, which be located on the map, or we can easily spot the location by typing the location name or their GPS coordinates. Moreover, Our professional team can help you to add a  radar on the map and even customize the map's hotspots with a customized icon or image. This feature is possible through XML editing. The maps are based on Bing Maps or Google Maps.
Video Flash Movie Video / Flash Movie
Video files can be incorporated into any virtual tour to add rich multimedia content. If there is a TV panel seen inside the virtual tour, a live video can be placed inside the TV screen. You can view a video inside a virtual. Youtube video source files, mp4 and flash video (.flv) are accepted.
>More Photo Photo Gallery, Social Media Icon and Information
We can also help to add photo gallery, social meda icon, information, webpage of the certain objects inside the virtual tour, further maximizing the marketing impact.
Soundtrack Multimedia Components Soundtrack / Multimedia Components
Add ambiance and mood to a tour by adding a musical soundtrack, a voice over for background sound effect.
Gyroscope Scene Mobile Gyroscope Scene
What is Gyroscope ? How to explore this if I am not in the real location? The latest smart phone era technology. You can “drive” in the virtual tour, feeling like locating into the virtual tour. More immersive Gyro effect makes the virtual tour rotate automatically when you turn your device to any angle. (work on the devices support HTML5)
Read on all Mobile/Tablet Read on all Mobile/Tablet
Panoview virtual tour is viewable in computers and all devices and platforms like iPhone / iPad, Tablet & Android Phones. We can publish both Flash and HTML5 format.
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